Sunday, June 10, 2007

Can't sleep

It's 5:26am on my clock and I'm still awake.

Why am I not asleep yet? Is it because I took a long nap during the day? If it is, then I'm never taking naps that long ever again.

Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to watch Wimbeldon (sp?). For some reason I wanted to watch this when the movie first came out. ^shrugs^

Tried to sleep after the movie but still couldn't. The sky is turning blue now. I'm gonna be doomed during the day now.

Hope everyone is sleeping and not like me.

Friday, June 01, 2007


I went to sleep yesterday (actually this morning) at 2am. Woke up at 5am because of a nasty stomach ache which made me stay up afterwards. So what did I do so early in the morning? Well, lets rewind back to yesterday first. Yesterday after class and working on a library assignment, I came home and started to watch "Young and Dangerous". There is a total of 6 movies, and I watched 5 of them yesterday, lol. So obvious I would finish the last movie if I woke up at 5am with nothing else to do.

The movie "Young and Dangerous" talks about the triads in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. I was thinking how Christians are not that different, aside from the killing and other nasty business. Triads want to spread and make their turf bigger; Christians want to spread the gospel to the world. Only difference is that they kill/do drugs/threaten/etc to accomplish their goal, and we don't. They worship a God like we do, just not the same God. Yeah, you can say we are totally different from them but you can't deny that we resemble in some ways.

We have brothers and sisters in Christ, they also have people they call brothers and sisters.

The triad would take a knife to the back, a shot in the chest, a punch to the face, a burn the neck for their fellow brothers and sisters. This makes me wonder if my brothers and sisters in Christ would do that or not. Though traid members tend to be disloyal, but when they are loyal, nothing can break it.

Can we take these blows from satan for our brothers and sisters? I'm pretty sure we can.