Monday, October 20, 2008

What Happens at a Greyhound Station Stays in the Greyhound Station

My Greyhound Story:

So I just came back from Toronto because I had to do my PCAT exam. While I was waiting at the bus terminal downtown to head back to London, there were two chinese people, a male and a female. The girl looked like she was in a punk band by the way she dressed. The guy, well, he looked like a perverted man with his long hair and beard. These two weren't old, they were around 20-25 I guessed. Anyways, so there I was standing there waiting for the bus to come. The guy walks up to the girl and stands beside her to wait for the bus. I was minding my own business when the couple dropped a ziplock bag on the floor. Obviously I looked since I saw the bag drop on to the floor and it was in my peripheral vision. The guy picks up the bag and leans on the railing again. I looked and saw him with a piece of paper and he was rolling it. I'm like to myself, "C'mon, you have to be stupid to roll weed while waiting for the Greyhound." And he was stupid. He was actually trying to roll weed!! But due to his stupidity, he dropped the bag load of weed onto the floor and it spilled everywhere. The girl tried to cover it up by spreading it around and blending it in with the rest of the garbage on the floor. This is stupid, why would you do such a thing when there are security guards walking around and Greyhound employees going back and forth between buses. He must have been desperate? I don't know, it was just plain stupidity to me.

Hiram's Greyhound story:

So Hiram was waiting for the Greyhound to come to head back to London one-day-some-time-I-don't-know-when-ago. While waiting there was a group of 4 or 5 people whom he thought were all girls. He knew this because all he can hear was girls talking behind/beside him. Anyways, so he glanced and saw that one of the girls was hugging another girl from behind. I assumed he thought this was normal girl thing to do. So he obviously ignored this. Until moments later, he heard a voice. Not one of those girly girl high pitched squeaky voices. But a manly deep rough voice. Okay maybe not manly deep rough. I just made that up because he didn't give me more details. Just imagine it for now okay? So he thought to himself, "Who the heck is that? Isn't it all girls behind me?" So Hiram turns around and there he was. It was the girl hugging the other girl from behind. It turns out she was a HE! Now that's freaky. How can you misinterpret a guy for a girl? Okay, it's possible. But he had to either look like a girl, dress like a girl or act like a girl. I should ask Hiram what he looked like and the details but I'm too lazy right now. But yes, she was a guy. And Hiram would not have known if he hadn't spoken.

Weird things happen at the Greyhound stations. Many weird things. Weird things that are unbelievable to many. But these are all true stories. Or are they???.....

If this was a book, you'd flip to the next page and see....
...this new page. Continuation of previous page.

...they are true stories, I'm not lying.