Saturday, October 21, 2006


"Believe, our blades will not break. Believe, our souls will not break."

Bleach has such great phrases from time to time. I "borrowed" this from the latest manga because I thought it sounded cool. Then Enoch asked me if I was going to blog about it. I told him that I didn't really know what to blog about. But as you've already guessed, I have figured out what to blog about, lol.

So what did the first part mean to me? "Believe, our blades will not break." I interpret this as to our bodies will not break. As long as we believe in God, the body of Christ will not break. As long as we stand together, we will not break. Not even Satan can break through us. We just need to remember to believe and trust in our Lord. The Lord will give us the strength to push the enemy back and resist temptations. We prevail!

Second part: "Believe, our souls will not break." Basically the same thing I guess. Believe in the Lord and our souls will not be broken. Nothing will shatter our soul. No attack can penetrate us, no abuse will break us.

This will go off topic for just a few seconds. So I just did my Organic Chemistry midterm exam. I felt like I aced that exam. I knew what to do, I knew how to reason my answers. I just felt like nothing could ruin my perfect exam. Then I got home and the answers were up for the exam. Feeling all happy about how well I believed to have done, I hurried to check the answers. After checking, my smile turned upside down. I could not believe how badly I did. I checked my answers over and over again. It was the same mark over and over again. It was quite depressing and sad to have found this out. I was just like, "HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!" After a few minutes of sadness, I felt no pain anymore. It felt like, the sadness couldn't get to me anymore and all I can feel is okay-ness (not really happiness but felt alright). Then I read my MSN name.

"Believe, our blades will not break. Believe, our soul will not break."

It just popped into my mind that God has come and blocked everything. He has given me the strength to overcome this sadness.

Everything that we do, everything that we say will have their consequences. Either it is good or bad, we will get through the tough times as long as we believe in our Lord. Believing that he will grant us the strength to overcome the hardships. He will walk with us and guide us, protecting us from our enemies. There will always be tests in our life. Whether it is in our workplace, at school or in life, we just need to believe. Believe not only in our own strength, but in God's strength as well.

Hope this made some sense because I just read over a bit and confused myself, hahaha.

In Christ,

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Did you know that hearing starts off as sound waves, then vibration waves and lastly fluid waves? In case you didn't know, now you do! Yeah, that was kind of random because I didn't know how to start off the blog. And since I learned about hearing in Physiology, I decided to enlighten those people that didn't know about it.

Anyways, so you must be guessing why this blog is titled "Hearing". Well, I was at pray meeting and was talking to Yun Ping about being able to hear God talking to you. From what I learned, everyone has a different way of communicating to God. Some people are able to actually talk to God and hear His voice. But how do they actually know it's God's voice and not just their own brain telling them what they want/need to hear? Personally, I don't really know when God is speaking to me. I haven't actually experienced this talk with God yet. Maybe God has been talking to me and I'm just too dumb to realize that. I don't know, can you really distinguish between your own thoughts to God talking to you? I'm pretty sure a lot of people have and still talk to God. I just want to know how they know it's Him. Maybe time is what is needed for a person to realize it.

Yun Ping gave a good way of explaining. Say you like a girl/guy and you know a lot about her. You know what he/she likes to eat, watch, hear, smell, feel, etc. By that time, you'd probably know the sound of her voice without seeing her. That's probably the way it is with God as well. It takes time to get to know someone and then find out that you like that person and then you get all these weird sense. It will take time to get to know God, love God and eventually able to hear him. So I guess I don't have to stress about being able to hear Him or not yet. If I am to be able to hear God's voice, I will one day. And hopefully everyone will be able to do the same if they don't already!

In Christ,

Monday, October 16, 2006


It's been a long and not so tired day. So you may be guessing why my title is "1,2,3...". Well it all started at the Taylor library. Karen, Charis and I went there after Biostat class to do some studying before Orgo. We went from the very top floor to the second last floor to find a seat. So we all settled in our own little cubicles with graffiti all over them. I looked up at the table number and it said "G123". The 123 reminded me of where Rachel, Vic, Tracy and Aiv lived in Elgin. Anyways, I took out my Orgo texts to study and turned to the index to find the page. And again, the page number was, you guessed it, 123. I was like "Whoa, what's going on here.". Yeah, it was kind of freaky but I just shrugged it off. So while I was studying, I came upon mechanisms for reactions of alkenes and other stuff. And those had 3 steps to them (step 1...step 2...step 3..., get the connection?). So this got me thinking about why I kept seeing all these 123's.

I pretty much came up with nothing, hahaha. Fooled ya! Yeah, it was kind of meaningless. The only thing I could think of was that there were steps we had to follow in life. Step 1, step 2 and then step 3. Not in any other order. But that seemed kind of stupid.

*Pause to think about it some more now*

I guess this can connect back to yesterday's blog. Step 1: God loved. Step 2: Then we loved. Step 3: err..can't think of anything for here. I don't really know what this really means. It just seemed like God was trying to say something to me but I don't understand it at all. I feels like I should know what it's about and it's right at the tip of my tongue but just can't seem to spit it out. Maybe it will come to me later or maybe not.

If you think you have an answer to this "123", please leave a comment or message me online after you finish reading this. Thank you, bye bye!

In Christ,

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Man of God

I really should go to P&R's more often. I learn so much more than from most things. Before I start off with my learnings, I just have to say this. My nose is half-bleeding. This means that it's bleeding, but it's not dripping out. I think it's because the blood is mixed in with the snot and caused the blood to be more viscous. So when I blow my nose, I get this diluted ketchup coloured snot. Pretty graphic isn't it? Alright, onto the rest of my blog.

So P&R's was awesome. I don't understand why I've been there twice only. So Roger talked about manhood. I'm really poor at listening and learning without something in front of me to follow with. But good thing I caught most of the main ideas Roger was pointing out to us. I'm pretty sure most people already know that God loved, and that's why we love. Well, I sort of knew that. It made a lot of sense to me though when I heard it. Where would love come from if not from God? There wouldn't be love if God hadn't loved first. It's because of God's love that we all feel love. Okay, now I feel like I'm repeating the same things over and over again. Moving on, Roger also mentioned being a man of God. Do you want to be a man/woman of God? I sure do! Why wouldn't you want to be a man/woman of God? It's a blessing to be given something to do by Him. But, it's true that it's hard to understand for the people around you that you must do this. It won't be easy to just drop everything and go do God's bidding and have everyone understand it. That's why you must feed them bit by bit of the "mini jobs" you are getting from God. So then when the "big job" comes, they would understand. Would you be able to drop everything and go do your job? I sincerely hope I can do that. Even though I have never done it before, I know that God will provide me with the "things" I'll need for the journey.

I'm kind of lazy to re-read what I just wrote to see if any of that made sense. I'm pretty sure there will be a part that you'd be like "huh?". I have no confidence in my blogging skills what so ever. I just spew out what are in my thoughts in random order hoping they make sense together.

In Christ

PS: "If life was a game, then God would be our walkthrough." - Jeffrey Cheung...hahahhaha

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tired And Learning

Going to start putting titles on my blogs. Why? Because it just seems a tad more professional and just because I want to.

It was quite tiring today, but let me take you back to last night after ACF. After ACF, we had our usual loitering in the classroom for 'x' mins (was thinking hrs but might be going too far). It moved to outside when the lights were being turned off, forcing a massive wave of Asians to walk out the building doors. A group went to Crabby Joes, as usual, and the rest went over to my house to chat around and play games. Waited for the bus for over 30 minutes I assume but probably took longer than that. Anyways, we got home and somehow everyone just followed me into my room and decided to stay there to talk. This meant I couldn't dodge everyone and go to sleep, even though it was still kind of early (if you consider 11pm to be early). So the conversation marathon began and I doze off time after time, catching Shirley planning to do something to me on the corner of my eye. Oh right, I forgot to tell you that I was still sick. And for some reason, when I laugh, it would make me cough even more. So we talked about a lot of things and most of them made me laugh. So yes, that meant I coughed a lot as well. Strangely, coughing works your abs if you didn't know that already. It's like doing crunches but you don't have to lie down on the floor. After a few hours (1pm-ish now), everyone begins to leave my room due to hunger. So that meant sleeping time for me. But while in bed I could hear the laughing from upstairs so that kept me awake a bit. As well, my coughing was pretty horrible that night for some odd reason. It just kept coming and coming, not allowing me to get some rest. But I eventually fall asleep and get some rest.

Next morning was SOFTBALL! First game back since our first game. I got ready, ate, dressed, took a quick nap on the couch. Ken rings the bell and off we went to the field. Got to the station and checked the schedule. Believe it or not, we just missed the bus by one minute. So we decided to just walk there and it wasn't that bad actually. Our team slowly gathered at the field and warmed up for the game. Game time arrived and our opponent was not to be found. Same goes for our umpire. Few minutes pass and they finally showed up, but we already got the win since they were late. It meant that I could have slept in and came late as well and I would have still won! Oh well, I got some exercise early in the windy, snowy Saturday morning. After playing a game, I went home and took a shower, packed up my books and fled to the library.

I walked into Einsteins and who do I see there bright and early? It was Hiram! Been so long since I've seen him in that place, and with his books open too! Double whammy!! Anyways, we went to go study and as we both knew, we started to drift off and fall asleep.

Geez, I'm going to cut this story short even though I have enough time to keep going. Long story short, I did a lot of stuff and made myself really tired. Should have just done this in the beginning. Save both you and my time, lol.

Anyways, was talking to Shelby and I said a few things that I didn't know I knew about. Some things you decide to do may not be what God wanted you to do. Here comes an analogy. Say your life is a story, there is a beginning and an end. These cannot be changed, they are written on paper with ink. But the things in between could be different. You've heard about alternate endings, but life is more like alternate paths that eventually end up at the same place. You have choices in your life that are provided by God. There may or may not be the "right" path but we're human. It's not like we'll choose the "right" path 100% of the time. We tend to slide off and take shortcuts, choose the "wrong" path, create our own paths, etc. But for every path that moves away from the ending, God shifts us back onto the right track (seems like I'm combining cars and books story?). Anyways, God has plans for each and every one of us. If you disobey him and wander off, He'll yank you back onto the right path. He also fills the path that you supposedly were to take by placing someone else there. God just works that way with people. Isn't it so confusing yet so great the way He does this? Well, I think so anyways.

Hope this all made some sense and it wasn't just ideas flying in all directions. Till I blog again!

In Christ,

Monday, October 02, 2006

Man, it has been a long time since I've written a blog. Well, lets start in the summer. In August, my family moved from Scarborough to Unionville. What this means is I moved from a townhouse to a realllllllly nice house, lol. I miss my old house since all my memories of my life come from that house. But I am sure that this new house will bring me as much joy and hopefully more than my old house. Packing was horrendous and I never want to move again, lol. It's great for Simba, our family dog, since he's always so hyper and active. The larger area to run around will help him get the exercise he needs.
So in the beginning of September, I moved back to London to start another school year at UWO. Guess what, there was more packing and unpacking. But at least this time around it was with a new bunch of people. Introducing the members of Summit 4: Hiram, Abe, Simon and Andrew. Oh yeah, me as well. Living with them has been pretty great. We all get along by gaming a lot, lol. No fights yet and hopefully there won't be any. School work has been piling up and keeps on piling up. So I really need to settle down and do more work in one day instead of slacking off so much.
This past weekend, ACF had their annual fall retreat. The first ACF retreat I went to was really great. I didn't think it could have been beaten. But this retreat proved me wrong. Thanks to Roger, everyone in that room was changed.
Jesus doesn't care if you do your devos, serve him on the worship team or any of that.
That was the wake-up point for everyone when Roger said that. The thing that he said next got to me. Roger said that Jesus had nothing. He had no money, job, family and even clothes. So the kicker here is that we are all trying to be like Christ, but just by looking at ourselves we are far from being like Him. Jesus had no clothes and look, we all are wearing Nike, Chanel, and a bunch of other famous brands of clothing. At that point, I just thought to myself: "Should I take off all my clothes then?" Obviously I wouldn't have done it or else everyone in that room would have poked their own eyes out, lol. But it did get me thinking that we are no where close to being Christ-like. As well, Roger said that most of the love we give to Jesus is not the same love that He wants from us. And that is true, for me anyways. All these things were like a kick to the crotch or a slap in the face. It was a wake-up call. And hopefully it didn't go off too late for me. I've wasted my time asleep and dreaming that I have been doing the right things, and loving for the right reasons. But now I am fully awake and loaded with a life supply of caffine in my system. So thank you ACF and God for this awakening.