Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fun+Games But Time To Be Serious

So much has happened in such a short time. Went to retreat last weekend with my everyone in ACF. It was awesome I have to say. At first I didn't feel like going on the day of departure, but I don't regret going now. The day started off with a lot of snow. Why did it have to snow? But at night after dinner, we all walked out to head over to a different building, the snow stopped and guess what! The sky cleared up = stars everywhere! I got to sit outside in the cold and just stare at the luminous helium and hydrogen in the sky (taking astronomy so yeah...). I think I saw a total of 3 shooting stars, it was wonderful. The talking/sharing was an added bonus that night.

Next morning, my small group was in charge of prepping breakfast. This was probably my most memorable part of all retreats so far. First off, Shaggy appeared out of nowhere! Glad he could make it for just that one day. At my breakfast table, I realized I was eating cereal with milk. This is not a good thing considering I'm starting to be or already am lactose intolerant. So we started to talk about farting and how the silent ones are the most deadly (EBD). We also talked about how we would tilt to one side so that we wouldn't make any sounds when we farted. This would make it less embarrassing but more deadly for some reason. During that whole time, I was just accumulating the gas in my stomach. Then without notice, I tilted to one side and released on towards Victoria. She didn't notice at first until I asked her if she smelled anything. Hahahaha, jokes. Didn't get a chance to lay one on Theresa since we both are the gasy type.

Eating times are always the best. It's always stress free and so amusing when people tell jokes, do funny things or just act foolish. So easy to be yourself and enjoy your time with your friends. How I already miss it!

The sermons were good I thought. The "balance in our lives" portion of one sermon really got to me, seeing how I don't really balance my life that well. Roger's Sunday morning sermon was good as well. He never ceases to amaze me.

Arriving back in London, Hiram, Simon and me went to McDonalds and met Karen, Wayne and Joe there. Wayne gave us coupons and we got 2 Two-Can Dine deals. Hiram and Simon shared one, I ate the other myself. Mmmm, 2 Big Mac combos *drools*.

Week has been alright. There was lack of motivation to work or do anything at all. Thursday night I went back to campus and tried to do a whole nighter at the UCC but failed and left at 1:15am. Boy was it a cold night. I didn't sleep until 5am due to cooking dinner at 2am-ish and watching stuff on my computer. Woke up at 7:30am and left to give my friend a book to bring to Toronto for me. Stayed for prayer meeting. Got home and didn't take a nap. Tried to but got woken up by loud shouts. Showered and went to fellowship. So worried that I'd fall asleep because it was Praise and Prayer night. Didn't want to fall asleep during the prayer part. To my amazement, I felt no tiredness at all. Afterwards just loitered in the room. Bunch of us went to Barakat's for some shwarmas. Mmmm, good 'ol shwarmas *drools*.

Still very unmotivated to work. Midterms are creeping near once again. The horrors and nightmares of answering questions wrong loom over my shoulders. Breathing down my neck. Laughing at my stupid mistakes. Too bad I can't jab my pencil at it.

It's going to be rough, but we'll all pull through.

In Christ,

Friday, January 19, 2007

I had this predestination + free will arguement thought up during my car ride back to London after the break. NOW I FORGOT!! *tears* Hope God will remind me of what it was so I can share it.

I've been struggling with the thought that academics, marks and school aren't important when most of my life has been revolving around school and studying. People always say that school isn't the most important. True, it isn't the most important, but it is important to me (not most).

I think studying has just stepped up in my list of important things in my life. After a horrible first term, study has push aside fun and games and going out more to the bottom of the list. It is now yelling and punching its way up the list even more like a crazy kid fighting his way to the ice cream man.

School itself hasn't been so bad this term. Though reading itself kills me since I hate reading to the max. This means I'm already behind in reading. So many chapters, so many words, so many definitions, so many theories, so many pictures (OooOooOOoOOO pictures!). On top of that, I finally have to start writing assignments which I really dread at the moment because of the non-internet resources we need to get for it even though it is a one page assignment. Hope this term would be a lot better than the last term or else I would go crazy and jump off a building so it all ends.

So weird that during the holiday break, I was so excited to go back to school and start the new semester. I still am happy to be back, but it just brings bad memories of marks and working extra hard.

Exercise, ha ha ha. Yeah, that ain't working out as I really wished it would. Haven't made my way to the gym at all. I should just...I don't know ^shrugs^. Maybe go for walks to clear the mind or run in the morning when the ground is a lot less slippery. Bike would be nice but not in this weather.

Going to retreat for the weekend. Reflect and renew myself there. Come back with a new strength to tango with school and the rest of life again. Hurray for retreat!

In Christ,

Thursday, January 04, 2007

School Creeps Near Again

As the holidays come to a close, I kind of reflect back on what happened in first semester and during holidays. Lots of work was involved but also a lot of fun. Passed all my courses but am I happy with them? Obviously not, but what more can I ask for? I passed, that was all I wanted after finishing all the exams. Seems like a lot of wasted time studying since the results were still that bad. Need a different method of studying. Probably spend less time studying and if I am studying, make it effective. Easier said than done. If anyone needs me, I'll be at Einsteins again.

Loads of fun living at Summit and it's only been one semester! All the gaming, raiding and chatting that goes on there is amazing. The experience of living outside is great. Tough but great. Going out to hang with people is awesome too! All the good food that was eaten, all the good conversations that were spoken.

Can't believe so much can happen in such a short time. Can't believe one semester passed by so fast either. If this keeps up, it'll be 4th in no time and then 30 years old creeps even nearer! But I'm sure whatever happens, the memories will be awesome. Hopefully I'll remember them all because I suck at remember unless if it somehow got embedded in my brain. Burned right in the frontal lobe (hope that's the right lobe).

Can't wait for second semester! Can't wait for retreat! Can't wait for more hot pot! Can't wait for everything! Can't wait for God to show me more!!

In Christ,

Monday, January 01, 2007

The New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! The new year has finally come and I hope everyone welcomes it with open arms. Lots of things happened in 2006 and hopefully those memories will stay in my brain long enough for me to enjoy them again. Even if I don't, there will be new memories waiting for me in 2007 that will be more enjoyable and exciting.

Finally finished Romans and even though I know I missed a whole bunch of important things, I was still able to learn so much from it. Had a little review of it by going through it quickly looking at my highlighted parts. And all the thoughts I had on those sections or phrases came right back. It was great!! Now I'm off to Psalms and Song of Songs.

Hope everyone finishes their holidays with a good note so then you'll have a BIG smile :D when you struggle back to work or school. Hope all those that went to Urbana, Passion, One Thing or anything else had a wonderful time. Can't wait for ALL of you to share your experiences!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Christ,