Friday, August 28, 2009

Bye bye Sanofi!

Well, once again I have neglected to write in my blog for an extended period of time. But it seems I may be able to redeem myself and write again (until I forget to do it and 2 months pass by).

So today was the last day at Sanofi Pasteur. It has been a great experience in my point of view. Learned plenty of stuff about the in's and out's of a vaccine company and actually got to learn how one of the was made! Awesome! Also learned much about the paper work that goes along with each batch of stuff that's made. How annoying but still required.

Other than learning about vaccines and whatnot, I also met plenty of people there and it was great! Some were more funny than others but they're all still nice people that I'm thankful to have met. As well, there's the usual ACFers there that made the time at SP ever-so great.

Ah yes, I also got a letter from York saying I finally got accepted. Woohoo! It's about time! Now to do my HCP and police check before I fail my practical :S.

Soon I will be off in a wilderness adventure. I'm an amateur so hopefully I won't get mauled by a bear or a squirrel. Weather network says it's going to rain, hopefully it won't be so bad.

Summer is coming to an end. Amount of rest I got: 0. Amount of money I earned: enough to make me feel happy. Hahaha.