Thursday, May 28, 2009

Because I said I'd Update Frequently

What what? Who's done their philosophy essay?? Not me.

600+ words out of a possible 1250 words. Half way there!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gloomy Days

Ugh, another gloomy day. This time with actual rainfall. So tired the entire day at work. Had to push myself to keep reading my psych textbook during lunch and on the bus. Sigh...

Finally started to write my essay. 200 words so far! I have an idea of what I want to write, but I just don't have the ideas sorted out in a good way. Also I think my wording for that first 200 words is pretty crappy. Sent it to my prof to see if it made any sense at all. :S

Rain always makes me think of a raindrop hitting a puddle of water. The ripple effect, the plop sound it makes. One drop causes so much disturbance in a pool of water but eventually it returns to its original calm state with an extra drop of water. It's like when something disrupts your daily life. It causes a wave of stuff to happen but when it's all over, everything returns to how it use to be but you've gained something from it all. Experience.

I wish I can come home during these days and just sleep or relax. I really don't like taking summer school while working. Sigh...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Always Going Back

So for the past 3 weeks I've been working at a different department because either 1. my boss isn't here or 2. they have nothing for me to do. Well, this week is no different. I worked at my original building on Monday but then since they have nothing for me to do this week, they let me go back to the other department to help out again. They said I'll have work next week when they've sorted everything out. We'll see if they do or not.

Trying to write my essay for philosophy but I don't really know how to write it. I understand the topic but I just don't know how to start writing it. It's like writer's block combined with you're not good enough to write a philosophy essay. Truthfully, I'm not good enough to write this kind of essay. I'm a scientist. A person that seeks the scientific truth. A person that only knows how to write lab reports and research proposals. Not philosophy essays. Not essays, period.

Although I'm struggling to start this essay, I am enjoying the topics that I have to read about. Some are absolutely confusing while others are very interesting. Maybe because I understand it but it really does make your mind work.

Today is a dark and gloomy day. Hasn't rained yet but it definitely looks like it will soon. Haven't started on working on the essay today. Don't know if I will be able to even. Can never concentrate on a rainy, gloomy, dark day. Makes me sleepy and tired. Maybe I'll make notes for the essay and then try to write it later. If not, write it tomorrow. No fellowship again it seems :(.

I miss ACF fellowship. Such a tight group of people that throw whipped cream at each other or eat ice cream bars on the floor. Amazing.

I realized today that while working, I injure myself pretty often. On one hand, there's not scratches or scars or skin peeling off. On the other hand (right hand), my palm side has skin peeling off and blisters. On the knuckle side, I have scratches, scars and blood except on my index finger. Dang I hurt myself too much.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day After Long Weekend

Sad that the long weekend is over. But glad that it happened. Still trying to digest all the good yummy food I had over the weekend. Hotpot Sunday night, sushi Monday afternoon. Massively expanded stomach now, muhahaha.

Heard back from York about my whole grade issue. And the verdict is...I'm alright!..sorta. I can keep the 67% but my overall average for my last 10 courses must be a B. So, I must have at least a 70% in both my psychology and philosophy to solidify my spot. Or else...dun dun dun! I do enjoy the two courses, except I read extremely slow.

I read so slow that it took me 2hrs today at work to finish a 10 page chapter on vaccine manufacturing. I read so slow that in first year, it took me __hrs to read 4 pages of classics (I don't remember how long it took...just really long). I read so slow that I'm still on the same page of my readings right now for quite a while now.... :)

Back to sushi now. The new place was pretty good. Hachitarou Sushi! McCowan and Highway 7. Prices are low for lunch, decent for dinner. Food wasn't bad. Service was alright, waitresses could smile a bit. But the big thing was that the food came. All the food we ordered. It all came. I was so happy!! It will replace Yang's Kitchen from now on.

Work has been alright. Today finally saw my manager for the first time. Didn't have anything to do at work but read stuff. Pretty boring but expected for the first day. But I get to go back to what I did for the past 2 weeks because they need help with stuff (secretly saying hurray!).

School has been slow. Reading is slow as mentioned above. At least I understood the philosophy stuff I read last night (not so secretly hurray!). Psychology...been putting that off a bit. But I have a quiz this week (eek!).

Overall everything is going well. God has been answering my prayers time after time and I'm so grateful. I just hope I can follow through with the help He has given to me. + oil!

When you've come to a road block, don't let it stop you from moving forward. You may not be able to move that road block by yourself, but with the help from God, anything and everything is possible. (thumbs up)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Long Weekend!

It's long weekend and it's time to be free! Well, not really free for me but a bit more relaxed. I still got to read stuff and start writing my philosophy essay. I really don't understand philosophy. Reading people's posts online makes me feel like I know even less. Darn you smart people! *waves fist at you*

So I got a 67% in my psychology course (I really suck at memorizing for psych courses). I need at least a 70% in all my courses in order to really secure my spot in the York Nursing program. Yeah, I know, CRAP! Ugh, one thing after another. I just got back in and now I'm fighting for my life again. Why can't I just rest and feel safe? Although I still have 2 courses to fullfil, at least let me feel like I won't lose the spot. Sigh, I set myself up for these things. The worst part is that all my marks just submitted and the transcripts JUST got sent. By Monday or Tuesday morning, the transcripts will be on the table of York University. My gosh, I feel like crap. Now I'm not even feeling relaxed like I planned to. Frigggggggggg.

The day has been going so well too. I felt so happy that it was the weekend. Been wishing for this day to come and now look what happened. I'm being played here...

Sigh, on the other note...well, there's nothing else to really say. Work is fine. Going to finally meet up with my manager for the first time after 2 weeks. Not sure what's going to happen and where I'm going to work, but we'll see.

Sigh, I'm going to dread the next few days. I really hope I can stay in the program. It'll be a record probably if I get kicked out again. Wonder how long it'll take to get back in again. That is if I can get back in. Frigggggggggggggg.

Please pray for me :(

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Whoops, forgot to blog for a few days :p. Sorry for those that actually read my blog, haha.

So today I called York University to bother them about me being on the waiting list. I called and it went to the front desk who sent me to the program assistant for the nursing program I'm applying for. No one picked up so I left a message telling them to call me back. Probably 10min later, they called me back and said that they've sent me an e-mail and I should look at it to find my answer for what my current status is. I got home, got on the laptop and checked my email. And to my surprise...I've been reinstated! WOOHOOOOOO!!!! Meaning they are accepting me again! Will receive a new admission letter soon and need to do the appointment thing (which I will make tomorrow when I have the time). I'm sooooo happy!! Thanks everyone that has been praying for me!! I actually haven't been praying about my schooling situation since I've had other stuff that really need prayer first.

The odd thing is that, I only started to pray about getting into a school yesterday night. Another weird thing is that, I had a dream where I was on the OUAC site and it said I got an offer of acceptance from a school but the school name wasn't show. And what did I find today? An acceptance!!! WWEEEEEEE!!! I'm soooo glad!

I'm so happy.....did I already say that?? WEEEEEEE!!!


Friday, May 08, 2009


Yeahhhhhhh!!!! Weekend!!!! I again do not know how parents do it every day. I'm sore from just a few days of work. And parents do it all the time!! Props to all parents...*pounds chest*.

Anyways, the people I'm working with is pretty chill. They don't really care if you take a little longer break or lunch. They even encouraged me to take a little longer. So nice! Our manager even brought in a new cd player for everyone to listen to while working. Too nice!

I don't really have much to blog about right now. Nothing interesting to say. I'm actually getting tired at 10ish now and require sleep. But I don't want to sleep so early on a Friday night. Such a waste!

So here's a story of what happened at work today. We were sitting outside during lunch talking about random stuff. Out of the blue, we started to talk about Pokemon cards. Talked about how when we were younger we had Pokemon cards and traded them. Then we got to which one was our most valuable one. I don't know why we talked about it, but we did...hahaha. Yeah....kinda random.

Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy it! I'm going to sleep in for sure. I crave it now. Good to sleep in...hahahhaha!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Work Work Work

Oh the work load starts to pile up now. I don't know what to do when the school work load piles up even higher. I can't do much about it now since I don't have the textbooks to do my readings until later so all I can do now is wait and do whatever I can.

For work, I'm actually beginning to start working now and all I can say is that it's tiring. I hope my own manager comes back soon so I don't have to do what I'm doing now anymore. So tiring. I can't handle working like that. Now I understand how parents must feel coming home from work and doing so much more stuff for their kids.

I've been trying to keep up my readings of the bible each day and it seems to be going well. Not sure of what to read some times. Randomly flipping through the bible and stopping somewhere to read a chapter. Sometimes looking for a specific topic to read about. I found this before, but God is pretty scary. I've noticed plenty of places, mostly in the OT where His wrath is shown. Scarrryyyy!!!!

Not really much to talk about today. Tired. Really tired. Don't know how I'm still awake. Yawning like crazy making me look like I'm emotional and crying, hahaha. End it off here!

Sleep tight everyone. Watch out for bed bugs. They bite. *bite attack!*

Monday, May 04, 2009

To the Rescue!

So today was the first day of work and it wasn't too bad. It was only orientation so we all pretty much sat in a room for 8hrs with breaks here and there. Getting paid to sit there and listen, can't complain or argue with that!

I also started the first day of distance studies for a psychology and a philosophy course. I know, the course load is pretty bad. I looked at the syllabus for each course and noticed a few things. For psychology, I need a textbook to read and make comments on the discussion board plus weekly quizzes and 2 exams. Not too bad except for the textbook, but luckily someone's taken the course before and hopefully the textbook is the same. For philosophy, I needed a textbook and course package from Inprint (a printing store at UWO). I looked at the syllabus and started to freak out!!!

How was I going to get this course package??? I'm in Markham, the course package is in London. I'm not travelling 2hrs just to get a course package. So I started to think of ways to get that course package to Markham without me going to London. The only thing that came to mind was asking someone that's currently living in London to send it through mail to me. So I started to scramble to think of someone who'd be willing to do this for me. As I was doing this, I was talking to Justine and telling her my problems. Suddenly, Cindy messages me and asks me why I'm taking courses still. Then it hit me. Cindy is in London and coming back soon! PTL! My stress has been taken away.

This little thing about a book caused me so much stress in that one hour. But thankfully I was rescued!

Now looking through the entire syllabus for both courses...I'm screwed, hahaha. So much to do for them both. Readings and essays and quizzes. I'm going to die. But never doubt God in the way he does things. It may seem hopeless at times but you'll find yourself to be magically pulled through it.