Sunday, July 05, 2009

Midterm, Moving and Annoying Kids

So first off is the midterm I wrote for Psychology. I got my mark back and thankfully, I did not fail. I don't know how, but I passed. I am truly amazed by it. Actual studying only lasted a maximum of 6 hours, possibly less, and yet I still managed to pass. I'm not saying I did well, but I the mark was higher than a 60%. And that to me is already too high considering the amount of studying I did. But I'm not going to take it for granted. I've been actually pretty lucky with my two courses. I need a 70% minimum for both courses to be on the safe side for getting into my program and somehow, some way I'm probably achieving that right now. PTL.

Moving took place last weekend. I took half of Thursday off of work to go to York for an enrolment appointment to enroll in my courses. Lucky me, it poured the 10 minutes I was outside. Not talking about trickling rain. I'm talking about lightning zapping the crap out of things and hail coming down on me with big drops of H2O. By the time I reached the bus stop to take the bus to York, my pants and shoes were completely soaked. I probably got splashed by one car, who was a jerk but can't blame him since there was hardly any room to drive on without a puddle, but I didn't really care. Because by that time, I was already too soaked to notice any difference. So once I reached York, the rained stops. See, what luck! Anyways, back to moving. After getting home from York, I helped my dad and his friends to start moving some boxes over to the new house because we just received our keys to it. We had a total of 3 vans and we made 2 trips, each van filled to max with boxes and other junk. So we called it a day because it was getting dark and we were hungry. After dinner, my parents and I had to go back to the new house to clean the carpet and paint the basement floor. We ended up staying there until 12:30-1am.

I took the day off on Friday to help my mom unpack some of the stuff and to deal with the satellite, internet and phone people who were coming to install our gadgets and whatnot. My mom and I were dropped off at 6:30am-ish by my dad because he had to go to work. Afterwards, my mom and I unpacked some stuff, I did some readings and my Psych quiz and took care of the internet and stuff. My sister came to pick us up in the evening to go home and to wait for my dad to do more moving. So once my dad came home, we moved a few more stuff and continued to pack up the crap in our old house.

Saturday came and so did the movers at 7:30am. My dad woke up at 6am in order to continue to pack up the basement because it was not even close to completion. So of course I woke up to the sound of tape being ripped and movement of cardboard and knew that I should help my dad. The movers came and that was the queue for my sister and I to leave for the new house for some reason. A little later I was told to go back and help my dad and the movers. So we drove back and helped them. The funny thing is, even with all the moving we did beforehand and filling up the moving truck, there was still a big load of crap in our house to move. So to cut the story short, the movers came Sunday morning to help move the rest of the stuff and we had to clean the house once everything was moved. The end.

So now to the annoying little brats near my house. There's a lot of children in my new area. Probably because there's an elementary school nearby. But these kids are friggin' loud and running all over the place. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them got runover one day and died because they're asking for it. Anyways, I was walking my dog in the evening today and there's like a bunch of kids outside riding their bikes near my house. Fine, that's okay, it's nice outside but be quiet, geez! Of course, they're attracted to my dog. What kid isn't attracted to small little dogs? And my dog is one of those curious dogs that has to go up to everyone and sniff everything. But when he's walking with me, tsk tsk, lol. So I ignore the stupid kids and pull my dog along to keep walking so he can do his business and play at the park. Then, one of the stupid kids start honking his horn to get my dog's attention. My dog obviously looks back because he doesn't know what that sound is. And because he looked back, they're all like "Look! Look! The doggy looked back!". And because of this simple act of curiosity, the kid continues to honk non-stop. If I were one of those people that would express their emotions, that kid would not have a bike anymore, possibly not even a hand. But I'm not. I continue to walk with my dog while he continuously turns around to every honk. After a few minutes my dog refuses to walk any further for some reason (later to find out he really wanted my mom and dad to walk him, what a picky guy) so we walked back to the house. As I passed by the group of kids again, the same kid honks his horn again. So as I walked by him I just stared at him with a look of "I'm going to snap you in half if you press it one more time". And to my joy he stopped, muhaha!

It's not like I hate kids, I just don't like them at a certain age. I like them when they're babies-2 years old. Once they learn to be annoying, that's when they piss me off. But once they mature a little and have to study, I'm fine again! Stupid loisy brats. If you were my kids and you did that to someone else, you'd never want honk a horn ever again because I'd shove it up your...(use your

Alright, so that was a long post after a while of absense. (All due to writing essay, doing my quiz and moving + working). Hopefully I will be able to post more often once everything has settled down. But who knows, maybe I won't be able to because I shoved a horn up some kids...(insert imagination here).